Cloud Hosting

Use any framework that you like to build your website: ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core new, PHP up to v7, Java, Node.js, Python and more. Forget about the limitations of other platforms and scale your application out when needed.

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Cloud server

Virtual private servers starting from € 7 / month and highly-available cloud servers starting from € 36 / month. Support for Windows and Linux. Management console to shutdown and reboot your sevrer and more.

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SSL certificates

SSL certificates from trusted authorities like GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Comodo, Symantec, Thawte and more starting from € 25 / year. Certificates for code signing are also available. Protect your website and improve your SEO ranking.

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Web hosting on a Linux platform

VaiSulWeb provides Web hosting services on Linux/CentOS platform that supports PHP, MySQL and Ruby On Rails (RoR). Our VSW Linux Basic and VSW Linux Pro packages both include a control panel to self-manage your accounts and shell access upon request. Starting from € 48 / year including domain registration or transfer from another provider.
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Enterprise-grade mail services

Bigger mailboxes and advanced features for your enterprise-grade mail services. Choose among 10, 15 or 25GB mailboxes with support for Exchange ActiveSync, CalDAV and CardDAV and enhanced anti-virus and anti-spam engines provided by Cyren. Choose our services built for pros and companies that need an alternative to Office365 or Google Apps services. Access from any device including PCs, MACs, tablets and smartphones.
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Monitoring services for Web sites and servers

Monitor your Web site or Web application or physical and virtual servers by using our monitoring service. Check that your Web assets like your API for a mobile app   are available and online. Our monitoring services will check that Internet resources are online by using ICMP or HTTP protocols and connecting with a frequency of 1 hour or 5 minutes. You will be able to monitor resources that live outside VaiSulWeb datacenters. Start monitoring from 1.50 € / month.
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Windows Server 2019 now available

Windows Server 2019, the new server operating system by Microsoft, has been released and it is now available inside the VaiSulWeb network. Featuring tens of new features, including a new security system and better performance and integration for Docker containers, Windows Server 2019 is the most advanced server operating systems available on the market and it can be installed on physical and virtual servers.
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Collaboration services for teams
Forget simple and cumbersome file servers or VPNs and enter the world of cloud with a collaboration service for teams and professionals. Securely store your files in the cloud, access them with any device and share them across teams and with your customers. Discover a new way to work.
 Thursday, May 24, 2018
VaiSulWeb announces new TeamShare services

VaiSulWeb today announced a new type of service dubbed VaiSulWeb TeamShare Services. The new service allows to build personal repositories of files and documents and enables collaboration between different users. Centralized storage of data is a key factor when enabling modern personal and work scenarios while storage is the driving factor for cloud services growth. VaiSulWeb recognizes that by providing a low-level class of storage services through its S3-compatibile services and it now provides a higher-level storage service to build file and documents repositories in the cloud and collaborate with users who are part of an organization or even part of a different one. Furthermore, TeamShare Services provide lots of facilities to comply with the new European GDPR. Pricing starts at 5 eurocent per GB per month.

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 Tuesday, December 12, 2017
VaiSulWeb announces new Backup as-a Service

VaiSulWeb announces Backup as-s Service, a new service that will allow our customers to activate and manage protection tasks for Windows servers and workstations, both physical and virtual, in a self-service manner. Users will be able to configure and manage backup services through a single Web-based console, thus being able to monitor protection tasks for machines hosted on VaiSulWeb infrastructure, inside customers' private datacenters or for machines hosted on Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or other public cloud providers. Protection for Linux-based machines will be available during the first quarter of the next year.

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 Saturday, November 18, 2017

Infastructures and IaaS

VaiSulWeb constantly looks for new technologies to deliver the best class of services through a selection of quality partners and innovative solutions. If you need to build complex infrastructures (IaaS or PaaS) like enterprise-grade solutions, virtualization or automation platforms or even hybrid deployments, VaiSulWeb will be able to provide a solution that fits your needs.
Business Analytics
VaiSulWeb Business Analytics services will provide a powerful platform that allows to gather accurate information from the logs of your website. Such extended information vastly improve the information that you can gather from online-only solutions like Google Analytics and complement them with more accurate data to analize and understand the behavior and the origin of your visitors so that you can optimize their online experience. Business Analytics platform can coexhist with online-only solutions like Google Analytics to provide additional information for your online marketing activities.   Available soon !
Sicurezza Web
Security breaches became very common on the Internet, especially when popular CMS like Wordpress, Joomla o Drupal are involved. Besides the possible data leakage, unauthorized accesses can damage SEO rankings of your website, thus hurting the costly marketing investments that your company did. VaiSulWeb can provide security services that help detecting a possible website breach and prevent both data leakage and SEO rankings compromission, adding a powerful tool to your arsenal.   Available soon !
Backup services
VaiSulWeb provides different solutions to backup your data, both when they are hosted inside our datacenters and when they are hosted outside. Whether you need backup services for physical or virtual servers or more structured data, VaiSulWeb has a solution that fits your needs. Since we operate in different locations thanks to our selected partners, advanced solutions are available even to counter regional outages. Moreover, as a Cloud Connect Service Provider, we have specific solutions for Veeam customers whether they run Hyper-V or WMWare. More information   Veeam customers
Mail Marketing platform
A marketing automation platform allows to design, plan and perform marketing e-mail and SMS campaigns. You will be able to manage all interactions with your customers through the optional CRM component and enable new and advanced automation functionalities that directly connect to your business rules and policies. A REST API is available to integrate the platform with your legacy and line-of-business software. More information
Scheduled maintenances and social networks
VaiSulWeb publishes a RSS feed that will include all scheduled maintenance events. You can read the feed using any RSS redader, including Outlook, and receive up to date notifications about our services. You will then be able to stay informed about our maintenance activities. VaiSulWeb also uses Twitter to notify user about services status in real time. More information
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